Shopping for the Best Logbook Loan Deals

Logbook loans are pretty costly as they are. Not only that but the financial product is also very risky. In order to avail the best rates, you need to be smarter when shopping for your logbook loan deal. Here are some tips to get you started with:

Plan your loan

Like with anything financially important, careful planning is crucial if you want to get the best end of the deal. Plan your loan by knowing exactly how much you need. Then assess your budget and check if you can afford to repay the loan you intend to apply for. By knowing both your needs and your budget, it will be easier to find the right loan once you hit the market.

Compare rep APRs

When comparing logbook loan deals, one of the key factors to take into consideration is your loan’s rep APR. APR, which stands for annual percentage rate gives you an idea of how much your loan will cost. Ideally, you should look for a loan with the lowest rep APR. But also remember that it’s not the only consideration if you’re looking for the best deal. Your provider’s reputation is also very important.

Compare providers

Applying for a deal with the lowest APR may seem like a smart choice but not necessary if you failed to check your provider’s track record. To really make sure that you’re going to get the best rates and service, you need to dig deeper by checking on your provider. You can read customer reviews and seek recommendations for a start. You can also head over to to compare the best logbook loan providers in the UK today.

Check on hidden fees

Before you close that deal, don’t forget to check on hidden fees. Other than the rep APR, hidden fees are important if you want to know how much exactly your loan will cost. To know more about these fees, you can read the fine print for more details. You can also always ask your provider directly if they have hidden fees. Chances are high most if not all providers have hidden fees. It’s your job to find out more about these fees. Otherwise, your lender won’t likely disclose details. Then you’ll end up with a very costly loan spiked up with hidden fees you never bothered to research about.